Pavilion 2022 Update

While local fundraising has been going great guns over the last few months, the Trustees have to announce one big set-back. The lion’s share of the £1m budget has to come from big, institutional grants and, unfortunately, the 

Football Foundation has said no. John Mitchell, chairman of Pavilion 2022, says “they told us they considered the current pavilion to be “adequate”. We, of course, disagree and are still lobbying the other sporting foundations along with charitable trusts and councils. Even if it was “adequate” it is not what Fernhurst deserves or needs.”

“We also have a sense from wider conversations that our village is being unfairly ‘marked down’ because it is perceived as very prosperous. As with most villages, this is not the case but it certainly seems to be the misconception of some who live in towns.”  

Trustees are delighted with the local support and a real community sense of purpose. John says “The arguments for Pavilion 2022 remain valid. Most people accept we can’t struggle on with the current building. Local pledges and donations now amount to £145,000, which is fantastic.”

‘Plan B’ is now being examined which would be a single storey building with a slightly enlarged footprint. It means extending onto the two previous extensions to give enough changing rooms for all the sports. The target would become £500,000.

“It’s disappointing”, continues John “A beautiful, new building with balconies and more social areas was the ideal but we will have to cut our cloth. I know from the support now that if Fernhurst has to do this on its own, we can.”

“The Football Foundation decision is a big setback but we are not even at half-time yet. The arguments in favour of Pavilion 2022 are stronger than ever and we remain determined to build for the future.”

A ‘Legends’ cricket match, a black tie ball and a major running event are all in the mix for fundraising events. A rewards scheme for pledges and donations can be found at : we hope to have hundreds of engraved bricks in the entry wall or path.