2019 BHC

This was the 29th running of the run to the Temple of the Winds, the top of Blackdown however the first for 10 years . It has been renamed The Blackdown Hill Challenge and now includes a family orientated Run (twice) Round the Rec, the 3Rs.

There were 32 entries for the 3Rs and 55 for the Challenge.

Awards were made as follows;

3 Rs – Family Run

First female –

First male –

Challenge – Run to Temple of the Winds


Lady – Rachel Dekker – 35:42

Gentleman – Duncan Hay – 34:04


Lady – Anita Haigh – 52:03

Gentleman – Jonny Denham – 35:08

Those participating in the 3Rs are listed here and the result for the Challenge here.

Photos Etc

Here are some photo of the day, nothing surprising but worth a flick through.