Fundraising update: May 2020

Organisers of the campaign for a new pavilion say they are making good progress but need another push as lockdown eases. Now, more than ever, people are appreciating exercise, recreation and value the sense of community.

Fundraising for Pavilion 2022, naturally, has taken a back seat in recent weeks but there are signs of renewed activity at the Rec. Under strict guidelines there is socially-distanced action in both the cricket nets and on the tennis courts. There is hopeful speculation of matches from July or August onwards but a lot is still up in the air.

Fernhurst Recreation Ground Trust is pleased to announce £181,000 has been raised so far with firm indications from sport governing bodies that they can take it beyond £300,000. However, the total budget is £500k so more is needed in local fundraising and pledges.

Trustee John Mitchell said “I want to thank everyone who has helped so far but we need more. The existing pavilion was struggling to cope before Covid so I am sure the pressure is going to increase as even more people sign up for the various clubs. Individual pledges are crucial while we are also pursuing grants from local government, sports bodies and charitable trusts. Many have said they require from us two tendered construction quotes so that is the next stage.”

“In today’s uncertain circumstances, everything is being pushed back but cancellation of the project is not an option, as far as we are concerned. The timescale is challenging but we will get there, as long as we receive support from public and private institutions and, most importantly, local people.”

If you want to make a donation, large or small, please click on the ‘contact’ section above.

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