How is the money being raised?

There is no doubt that the sum required to build the pavilion is large but if we are to have a pavilion the meets the needs of the sports clubs and future generations of village sports people, it needs to be found.

Funding is being sought in the following ways.

  1. Fernhurst Recreation Ground Trust
  2. Sport clubs that use the pavilion
  3. Local government 
  4. National sports governing bodies
  5. Local and national charitable trusts
  6. Private donations
  7. Events held by the sports clubs
  8. Crowdfunding

Before the project was given the ‘green light’ by the Trust in 1Q17 the sports clubs were asked to commit to raising £5,000 each by 2020 and list their requirement of a new pavilion.  On approval of the project the trust committed some of its reserves to Pavilion2022.

Since then the concentration has been on understanding the requirement of sport governing bodies, local government, seeking donations and pledges from local supporters whilst developing ideas to raise money in other ways.

There are many generous folk in our community, giving donations themselves or giving of their time to help generate funds. The project has developed a set of ‘rewards’ for such help. The list of rewards become active once the pavilion has been built. In the meantime they can be viewed here.

An immediate initiative of the sports clubs was to found Fernhurst Sports Clubs 100 Club providing an monthly income to the project and some fun for those that take part. Joining is easy, click here to follow the link to their website and find out how.

Events the project has initiated include, a dinner and auction, workouts for all the family, resurrection of the Blackdown run. The current list of events can be found on the calendar of events.

To keep in touch with what is happening follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

If you would like to help, use the form on the CONTACT page to let us know.