VIP visit boosts Pavilion 2022 campaign

Fernhurst’s campaign for a new pavilion received a ringing endorsement during a visit by some West Sussex VIPs. The High Sheriff of West Sussex Caroline Nicholls was entertained by Fernhurst Recreation Ground Trust along with a Deputy Lieutenant of the county and one of Fernhurst’s district councillors.

Caroline Nicholls said of the recently submitted planning drawings “I think the plans for Fernhurst are very exciting, very ambitious but achievable. I think what’s really encouraging is how many people in the village are using the Rec and behind the Pavilion 2022 project.”

Caroline travels all around the county visiting many organisations and the historic post of High Sheriff is one of the oldest representing the Crown. Caroline continued “To go from 80 to 800 members across all the clubs, with 300 juniors, proves Fernhurst Rec really is a hub of the local community. Pavilion 2022 deserves to succeed and I’m very sure you will.”

Councillor Norma Graves said “It’s a great community spirit here and I know it’s attracting people from outside. They travel to Fernhurst because they can’t find this in the smaller villages around and even some of the larger ones. Fernhurst Rec is supplying what children need. Once you’ve got the sport, you are on the right track and we need that sort of thing for the community. Whatever money the district council can afford, I’m sure we will. I will be voting for it!”

The third guest was Neil Hart, a Deputy Lieutenant of West Sussex. Neil said “These things don’t happen by accident. The leadership of this group and the clubs is outstanding. I’m really confident you’ll get there and that’s a great achievement for the community as a whole. Well done.”

John Mitchell of Fernhurst Recreation Ground Trust said “It’s tremendous to have this vote of confidence. Everyone can see that we are victims of our own success here and the final piece in the jigsaw is the pavilion.”

Fundraising hits top gear in 2019 with barn dances and race nights. The legendary Blackdown Hill Challenge is being revived in April while, in July, the cricket club welcomes the legendary Lashings XI.

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